Monday, September 12, 2016

vExpert NSX!

Last August 17 the vExpert NSX program was announced to the world. 

"vExpert NSX" is a sub-program within VMware's vExpert program - only current vExperts were allowed to apply. As a believer in the trans-formative power of NSX and network virtualization in general, and thanks to the VMUG/vBrownBag contributions and posts in this blog, my application was accepted and I am very proud to have been awarded this designation.

I believe I have a particular background which helps me in helping others for this topic:

  • I have a networking education background (took up to CCNP3 in my college years) of which I never had the opportunity to actually work in a dedicated fashion (ie, I was never a network engineer, the closest was a Network Control Center engineer which did give me access to routers and firewalls, but it was not my responsibility to design and do changes)
  • I enjoy networking in general. Currently I am a fan of the OpenvSwitch work that is entwined with cloud computing and OpenStack and is also related to NSX, and I've always had an admiration for the OpenBSD project, their pf firewall and their network implementations
  • My day to day role is a dedicated VMware engineer serving a large enterprise environment - and I'm busy! So my posts won't be fluff :)
  • I speak both English and Spanish fluently and enjoy making connections in the vCommunity
Taking these things into consideration - things I'd already covered somewhat in the mission for this blog - I gladly accept the vExpert NSX award and further commit to help others in learning and adopting NSX and related technologies. I will blog in both English and Spanish as the content becomes available, with a focus on not repeating what is widely available but highlighting relevant news that should not be missed, covering certification exams, and taking you along on my journey.

As always feel free to reach out on twitter and let me know if I can help!

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