Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Getting a bit more seriously into networking

Hey everyone!

I am going to be writing more and more in this blog (which may move somewhere else than blogger). These are the 5 big areas I want to focus on:

  1. Studying for the VCAP-NV Deploy exam, which I want to do ASAP. Some resources are free!
  2. Taking advantage of my additional OpenFlow compliant Northbound Networks Zodiac GX switches to learn more about Open vSwitch and SDN in general.
  3. Run NSX-V and NSX-T in my homelab, both with vCenter and without ;)
  4. Take advantage of the VeloCloud Edge 510 and associated software that I have access to now thanks to being part of the VMware Ambassadors of the Office of the CTO
  5. Indulge in OpenBSD systems for routing, firewalling and web serving. I have access to a Public IP where I will be able to create a DMZ and that way be able to put several ideas to test.

Lots of learning to be done in the following months, but I just love and genuinely geek out over this stuff. Let me know if I should read your blogs, I'll be definitely doing lots of reading and compiling of links to recommend to others!