Wednesday, September 2, 2015


I always like stating a mission for my blogs. It helps keep the content focused.

I currently work as a VMware server administrator. My focus for the last 3 or 4 years has been learning and using VMware vSphere, focused on virtualizing server workloads.

I attended VMworld 2014 when NSX had been officially released and adopted by customers. I was curious about what virtualizing the network could mean (even just the concept!). Later that year, thanks to vBrownBag and following people on twitter, I started learning a bit more.

NSX has become a product in the VMware portfolio that is widely offered. My company was offered to do a proof of concept and I was enrolled in a "NSX exploration class", where I was able to learn more about the product.

It is now VMworld 2015 and I was recently named a vExpert. In the vExpert reception Chris McCain challenged bloggers to create a blog that educates about NSX. This blog was inspired by that challenge, but it also serves a personal purpose.

By the time I graduated college I had taken CCNA 1-4 and CCNP1-3. I honestly thought that my professional career would be in networking. One of the things I regret about that time is I never took the time to take the CCNA exam when I had everything fresh!

I have a networking background, but no network engineering experience. My actual work life has been a journey through the network operations center, end user support administration and lately systems engineering. The networking background has, of course, helped a lot, but experiencing more areas of IT has definitely improved my understanding of IT as a whole and also of what a good network engineer looks like.

Network virtualization for me offers a whole new way of thinking. I've learned a little of the flexibility and capabilities that virtualizing the network provides, and have found it revolutionary - I want to start learning it and hopefully begin using this new technology as I continue my career.

With all of this information, let's state this blog's mission:

     This blog takes you on my journey of exploration and discovery (ha... did you see what I did there?) of what virtualizing the network means; how do you learn about it, how do you practice what you learn, and how it is applied in the real world. 

Posts can vary widely: most will be technical or educational, with a focus on how can the normal internet user embrace this new technology, but others will explore the business or implementation challenges and how they can be overcome. 

I know this will be a fun journey, and I thank you for looking at my posts and following along. Please don't hesitate to contact me on twitter if you have any suggestions :)

Ariel Sanchez, @arielsanchezmor