Thursday, January 28, 2016

Free eBook - NSX for vSphere - A Foundation of the SDDC

Earlier this month the following very smart guys (I put their twitter links so you can follow them) released a free ebook for learning and implementing NSX

Prasenjit Sarkar and his blog
Michael Haines (same blog as Prasenjit)
Roie Ben Haim and his blog
Anuj Modi and his blog
Ajit Sharma and his blog

The book is totally DIY - they just made a PDF with no publisher, no copyright - grab this knowledge source and learn. You have to admire them because co-authoring a book is never easy and it's more than 200 pages.

I've seen two links to the book - I leave them both in case one doesn't work in the future

I'm going to start reading - you should too :D

Don't forget to also check for the release of the official VCP-NV book coming soon from

Elver Sena Sosa - blogs at

I leave my affilitate link (if you buy it through here I get a cut) to amazon:

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